Earthworks Composting Supplies is currently developing new-and-improved methods of indoor worm farming (in our converted utility garage).

In previous years, tremendous effort went into developing an outdoor worm composting windrow – very nearly successful, but ultimately the hot summers and rainy winters of the Fraser Valley proved overwhelming. Gave it our best college try – as the summary below hints at.

Here’s a look at our worm farming operation – a very productive windrow (wind-row): Approx. 60 ft. long – getting the optimum balance of feeding, maintaining and harvesting is an on-going effort. Progress to date has already been rewarding, developing meaningful ways of coping with B.C.’s winter conditions – largely the steady rainfall levels (the tarpaulins you see play the main role in that). With the advent of summer, getting optimum moisture levels ONTO the windrow is the upcoming challenge. Stay tuned for updates on our worm farm… UPDATE: – Managing the Windrow: To this point, new material has been added in individual layers of: (1) organic waste, (2) browns (cardboard etc.), (3) horse manure. While this has worked well as a whole, there have been exceptions where pockets of material develop an anaerobic state (slimy and smelly). We’ve begun instead to premix all three materials in the tractor front-loader prior to adding, to create more uniform aeration throughout the windrow.

organic waste - kins market – A fairly-typical example of the quantity of organic waste added to our windrow DAILY:

Our original worm farming experiment: Intended to create easily-manageable worm breeding stocks, in time we found the opposite to be true regarding our customized boxes. Although productive, they turned out to be quite high-maintenance…