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New Combo SHIPPING Feature:

We are now able to ship Worm Factories and compost worms together in a single package, under limited circumstances:
~ B.C. Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island only, at this time;
~ looking to expand that across Western Canada when temperatures remain stably above zero

(i) SAVINGS in shipping costs;
(ii) customers can get started SOONER after ordering – call 1.855.823.2280 to determine if available in your area.


  • Red wigglers are very tolerant of a wide range of temperatures – from freezing mark all the way to 33 C – so they do very well both indoors and outdoors; the optimal breeding temperature for red worms is 15-20 C, while the optimal temperature for maximum growth and waste processing ability is closer to 25 C.
  • Red wigglers love to compost. All food waste, except for dairy products, meats, fats and oils can be used in your worm compost bin. Chopping and shredding will greatly speed up the decomposition process, which can be completed in as little time as two to three months.
  • Voracious appetites
  • Easy to care for
  • Prolific breeders
  • Best all round composting worm

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1 lb. – $49, 1/2 lb. – $27, 1/4 lb. – $16

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local pickup – $0, ship BC – $15, ship Eastern Can. – $35, ship Western Can. – $30