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We are now able to ship Worm Factories and compost worms together in a single package, under limited circumstances:
~ B.C. Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island only, at this time;
~ looking to expand that across Western Canada when temperatures remain stably above zero

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(ii) customers can get started SOONER after ordering – call 1.855.823.2280 to determine if available in your area.


European Nightcrawlers make excellent bait worms due to their larger size – in addition to being hardy and hungry compost worms.

Compost worms have FOUR requirements:

  • Bedding – need be little more than peat moss and shredded paper or cardboard, while coir (included with the Worm Factory 360) is an even better choice
  • Food – European Nightcrawlers, like red wigglers, will eat almost anything of organic origin; be sure to follow recommended guidelines for smaller systems
  • Moisture – a damp but not wet environment is ideal, in systems with good airflow and moderate temperatures
  • Proper pH – easily accomplished with good basics in bedding and moisture
  • Voracious appetites
  • Easy to care for
  • Prolific breeders
  • Best all round composting worm

Read more about European Nightcrawlers composting worms in Vermicomposting – facts + information.

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European Nightcrawlers - Quantity

1 lb. – $54, 1/2 lb. – $32, 1/4 lb. – $17

compost worms shipping

local pickup – $0, ship BC – $15, ship Eastern Can. – $35, ship Western Can. – $30