• Standard worm shipping is via Canada Post, and we guarantee live worm delivery to the local post office
  • When ordering both worms and a vermicomposting system, we strongly recommend shipping the worm composting system about one week in advance of the worms – in order to familiarize yourself with the system, get it set up and the bedding material in place so that the microbial cycle is initiated before the worms arrive
  • We only ship worms on Mondays and Tuesdays, to avoid weekends occurring during the shipping period and prevent unwanted delays
  • Earthworks Composting Supplies will NOT ship any worm orders during extreme hot or cold weather; we will wait until temperatures are more hospitable for worms before shipping, and will notify the customer accordingly
  • All non-worm products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects, and returns are accepted for replacement only in that event. No refunds are provided. Please contact Earthworks via email prior to returning a product deemed to be defective, to ensure a satisfactory replacement process. We will notify the customer via email upon successful receipt of a return and confirmation of defect, and will replace the defective item in the most timely manner possible with replacement shipping cost covered by Earthworks
  • Worms picked up at the customer’s local post office not in healthy condition will be replaced free of charge. All worms provided by Earthworks are covered exclusively and only by this “live delivery” guarantee as stated under SHIPPING – no other replacement or refund condition shall apply
NOTE: requests to have worms delivered to customer address instead of being picked up at the post office, renders void the “live worm delivery” replacement guarantee