Earthworks Composting Supplies is owned by Robert and Sue Crofton-Sleigh. We are located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, just one hour east of Vancouver – and consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be living in this beautiful part of the Fraser Valley.

Earthworks is dedicated to promoting the advantages of vermiculture in helping reduce, recycle and re-use organic waste currently headed for our over-stretched landfills. On our two acre worm farm, we raise Red Wigglers – the best all-round composting worm – and now stock European Nightcrawlers. These are not only good at composting, they’re also great bait worms and can provide an economic live food supply for more exotic pets.

Our selection of upward-migration worm bins has been chosen for their quality, easy management and high content of recycled materials. We only stock and recommend products that we have personally tried, tested and proven to our own satisfaction. Working examples of all our products are on display at our farm.

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